Our wood mulch is a specialty blend of hardwoods that is specifically certified for playgrounds in safety and quality. Wood mulch is an eco-friendly playground surfacing option that bio-degrades over time, and can be replaced easily and for low maintenance cost.

Our wood mulch goes through a quality control program and continuous testing to ensure it is up-to-date with the newest industry safety standards. Not all mulch is created equal. Don’t be fooled by regular mulch in a hardware store that isn’t designed for a playground application. Our playground wood mulch is given the highest safety rating, which not only gives you peace of mind for trips and falls, but also the assurance that your playground won’t have metal and nails from pallet wood, or potentially irritating residues such as Poison Oak or Poison Ivy like traditional landscaping mulch may contain.


Contact one of our playground experts today, and we can help you calculate how much your area will need.

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